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Coffee was introduced to Vietnam in 1857 by the French and slowly grew as producer of coffee in Asia. The height of coffee production occurred in the early 20th century as small-scale production shifted towards plantations. The first instant coffee plant, Coronel Coffee Plant, was established in Biên Hòa, Ðông Nai Province in 1969, with a production capacity of 80 tons per year.

The Vietnam War disrupted production of coffee in the Buôn Ma Thuôt region, the plateau on which the industry was centered. Although seldom involved in conflict, the area was a crossroads between North and South and was largely depopulated. After the North Vietnamese victory, the industry, like most agriculture, was collectivized, limiting private enterprise and resulting in low production.



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In export-standard following bag types:

  • Big bag (1000 kgs) - with Kraft paper or carton, no dry bag - 20 bags/20ft container on 10 pallets
  • Liner bag (21600kgs) - with dry bags, Kraft paper or carton - 01bag/20ft container - no pallet
  • Jute bag (50 to 60 kg) - with dry bags, Kraft paper or carton - no pallet
  • PP bag (50 to 60 kg) - with dry bags, Kraft paper or carton - no pallet